Hi love! Welcome to naturally_ie! This blog is all about growing healthy hair, travel, adulting (like a Boss!), food & wine, and politics. Time is a precious commodity and I don’t want to waste yours, so ask yourself these super quick questions before going any further:

  1. Are you struggling to care for Black hair (not necessarily your own)?
  2. Is it difficult for you to find good hair care products?
  3. Do you want to travel the world?
  4. Are you having trouble saving money?
  5. Does the thought of applying full face make up scare you?
  6. Are you struggling to find make up for darker skin tones?
  7. Are you interested in current events, politics, and/or controversial topics?
  8. Do you currently subscribe to my YouTube channel?

If your answer was yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place! Grab some tea, a glass of bubbly, or some water and let’s get comfy.

what to know before starting the hair journey
Iesha Lynn, 2018

naturally_ie is a collection of information dedicated to hair care, travel, benefits of my lifestyle, and newsworthy events (that primarily effect minority or underserved communities). With this blog, I’m offering you:

  • Curls will feature tutorials, reviews, product hauls, homemade recipes, shopping guides, information on regimen building, ingredients, healthy hair care, horrifying stories and “ahhh” moments, etc.
  • Travel will offer hotel and overall travel reviews, information on a wide range of countries, product hauls, budget guides, tips for packing, shopping guides, etc.
  • Life is where we’ll get intimate. We’ll cover how to adult like a boss, beauty hacks, and food & wine. I’ll also give you a deeper look into my personal life with the Tales of the Solo Black Girl series
  • YouTube is where we’ll cover more information related to my channel. My YouTube channel focuses primarily on curls, beauty, and politics. So expect to find more hacks on curls & beauty but in the politics section, we’ll cover US politics, world politics, environmental, social, socioeconomic, and controversial issues, and a dash of entertainment gossip for good measure.
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What You’ll Find Here That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

A dope, natural haired, Black, female blogger documenting the days of living in American society.

A strong, social advocate for Black Owned Beauty Brands. These brands will always have my priority because supporting, uplifting, and giving back to the Black community, I feel, is one of the most important things I can do in this life.

This blog is meant to be a (an):

  1. Valued resource on your healthy hair journey
  2. Go-to for info on traveling to a diverse range of countries
  3. Source to laugh & grow with if you’re like me and new to make up
  4. Informative-but-somewhat-gossipy news source that advocates for women, girls, the Black community, the curly-haired populations, and every other minority group–I’m rooting for you!

If you’ve stuck with me thus far, consider checking out some of my favorite articles:

Or keep reading to learn about my story…

3 Day Old Braid Out

How cbp Came To Be

To begin, my name is Iesha (eye-ee-sha) Lynn but I go by @naturally_ie on social media. At 27 years young, I’m a true virgo and a cat enthusiastic. According to my mother (and verified by 23 & me) I’m a nice mix of Caribbean, European, and South Asian cultures but I was born in the States. I graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a bachelor’s in 2013 and from Long Island University with a masters’s degree in 2017 (thinking I was gonna be this Boss Bitch). In a very short time, I realized corporate life is probably not for me so I think it’s time to get creative and share all of the information I have (while still getting to be that Boss Bitch).


Speaking of sharing information, I started making YouTube videos and truly tracking my hair journey in February 2017. Because of my success growing natural hair, I would definitely consider myself to be a Natural Hair Care Guru and a Black Owned Brand Advocate & Influencer. I might not be able to do the most baddest styles, but I can definitely teach you how to grow your own hair. I’ll be getting deeper into this at a later point in time but if you’re curious, this is my hair timeline:

  • First Relaxer-               September 1996 (age: 5)
  • Relaxers per Year-       2-3 (religiously)
  • Last Relaxer-                December 2013 (age: 22)
  • Transition Begin-         January 2014
  • Transition End-            April 2015 (age: 23)
  • Total Years Natural-   4


I’ve been traveling since the age of 4. My linage is deeply rooted in the Caribbean so we frequently visit. Flying back and forth to the Caribbean has increased my desires to visit other parts of the globe. So with my trained budgeting skills, I plan to do just that. Follow that journey here.


So, my life is kinda chaotic But I’d imagine most peoples lives are pretty similar. In the life section, I’ll go over some hard life lessons, my loves for both beauty and food & wine. Finally, this section includes Tales of the Solo Black Girl, which is a series of posts about growing up as a minority. It’s super personal and hits on some topics I wouldn’t share otherwise. Check it all out here.


Lastly, because I almost never get to say everything I’d like to on my YouTube channel, I’ve begun to supplement those videos with blog posts. So, in the posts in this section, I’ll list my sources and anything else I think could be helpful.


Miami, Florida

Why Blog Now and How Did I Get Started?

I got started on a whim. I finally got a Pinterest account (yes, its 2018. I know) and got lost in the sauce aka the blogger world. But I didn’t see, really any, bloggers that supported small, Black owned beauty brands. I’m here to be a resource to those looking to support those same types of businesses.

The idea of reaching more people in my community is the driving reason to create this blog. Some people (myself included) like to read and I think blogging has the potential to be an awesome platform for my thoughts and knowledge. Not to mention, I keep my YouTube videos to a “necessary-minimum” so none of the fluff makes it in. Some of that fluff is good stuff and having a corresponding blog with that info would definitely be helpful.

Final Thoughts

naturally_ie is not just a hobby for me. This blog is a place I can help people firsthand and that’s exactly what I intend to do. Hopefully after reading this post, you’ll have a better understanding of who I am, what this blog is about, and how I can help you to achieve your hair or travel goals!

Until next time, stay blessed and unstressed!