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    How to Maximize 8 Hours in Tulum, Mexico

    If you’re considering Mexico as your next vacation spot, I’m gonna go ahead and advise you to DO IT! I may have only spent 8 hours in Tulum, Mexico (I was on an excursion for a Carnival Cruise) but it definitely was enough to make me want to go back! Let’s jump right into how I spent 8 hours in Tulum, Mexico eating tacos, embracing in the history, experiencing the culture and shopping! Here’s a bit of Tulum & Playa del Carmen… https://youtu.be/3o21VQZQOT0 Bit of Background So if you’re wondering why I was only in Tulum, Mexico for 8 hours, it’s because I spent 4 days on my first Carnival…

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  • What to expect spending New Year's Eve in Times Square

    What to Expect Spending New Year’s Eve in Times Square

    So you’re considering (or totally committed) to spending New Year’s Eve in Times Square. To get straight to the point, it should be done. But only once and do it properly. In other words, make sure you don’t just wing it—otherwise you’ll be seriously miserable and probably end up leaving Times Square before the ball even drops. So, to make sure you have the best (and safest) time possible, here’s what you can expect by going to Times Square for New Year’s Eve. Disclaimer: I’ve visited Times Square for NYE twice previously, once in 2012 to visit to Ball and once in 2015 to see it drop. Sometime shortly thereafter…

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  • every day ways to save vacation money

    7 Easy Ways to Save Vacation Money

    I think it’s pretty safe to assume most people love taking vacations. I’m judging you hard body if you hate vacations-but don’t let me kill your vibe! Anyway, because of life and adulting, vacation money is not easy to come by. Not everyone can save like a pro with IRA’s and stock investments! But what if you had an everyday routine for ensuring you were always ready for the next trip? I’m sure you’d go in a heartbeat! Keep reading for my favorite saving techniques! 1. Establish Your Budget The first step (and probably the most important) is to establish your budget. Write down exactly how much income you make…

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    4 Types of Vacations & Why You Need Them Every Year

    705 million total unused vacation days, 212 million forfeited days. That’s hundreds of millions of paid time off days given back to employers every year. The average American takes 17 vacation days per year and our stress levels show it. For this reason, I’m proposing 4 vacations per year as a part of our work benefits packages. Why is This Necessary? Simple. Most of us don’t get to work our dream jobs. We don’t get to make money from the thing we love the most. We oftentimes make money from work that leaves us unfulfilled or unappreciated or just plain ol’ exhausted. Not to mention, we’re also pretty uninspired to…

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  • importance of girl's trips

    Importance of Girls’ Trips

    Growing up I didn’t consider myself to have too many girlfriends. I had my core ladies but I didn’t have sorority-sister-level contacts, which was no biggie. Fortunately, I still don’t (that’s a lot of weddings/baby showers etc. to attend, just sayin’). But what I learned from my first girls’ trip, I will take with me for the rest of my life. Here are the 6 reasons making time for girls trips are so vital to our sanity. The Ladies of Syd Day ’18 (Miami, Florida)  1. Girl Talk I really think there are few jobs out there today that are considered “minimally stressful.” Everyone has a boss or a deadline or…

  • Barbados: worth the money or not so much?

    Barbados: Worth the Money or Not So Much?

    Under normal circumstances, I honestly wouldn’t have even written this post. But due to some family stuff, Barbados was always been kinda locked down for my family. Whenever we went, it was never a good time. Not to mention, if we wanted to see a Caribbean island, we’d rather hit Jamaica, duh! It’s such a funny little island, but we’re gonna get into whether Barbados is worth the money or not so much. Location If you have never seen a pic of all the Caribbean Islands in their entirety, here ya go: Being that its a Caribbean island, expect everything to run at what a New Yorker would call a…

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  • 38 Dope Things to do in Jamaica

    38 Things to do in Jamaica

    So, you’ve finally gotten the opportunity to visit Jamaica? Or maybe you’re considering it but not fully convinced yet. Let me tell you first, JA is my faveeee place to be (I would live there if I could. The love is that real). But Jamaica is definitely not for everyone. If you want the travelista’s scoop, check out my detailed traveller’s guide to visiting JA! **Disclaimer: This list is by no means all-inclusive. In other words, there’s always more spots to discover in JA (that’s why I keep going back!). Also, the spots marked with an asterisk (*) are locations I have not experienced.** Montego Bay Dead End Beach, Montego Bay…

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    Jamaica: Don’t Even Think About It. Just Book It!

    I absolutely love Jamaica. I’m pretty sure being dragged around by my father as he vlogged before vlogging was cool has a lot to do with it. He used to have my family driven, literally, all across the island in search of dope things to do, people to meet, any new music, and of course, FOOD. That’s why I’ve written Jamaica: Don’t Even Think About It. Just Book It! Now that I’m older, I definitely have a deeper appreciation for these trips even though I seriously dreaded the long car rides (they’re still a bitch but the main highways are much better now). So with a good 8 trips (and…

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