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    How to Maximize 8 Hours in Tulum, Mexico

    If you’re considering Mexico as your next vacation spot, I’m gonna go ahead and advise you to DO IT! I may have only spent 8 hours in Tulum, Mexico (I was on an excursion for a Carnival Cruise) but it definitely was enough to make me want to go back! Let’s jump right into how I spent 8 hours in Tulum, Mexico eating tacos, embracing in the history, experiencing the culture and shopping! Here’s a bit of Tulum & Playa del Carmen… https://youtu.be/3o21VQZQOT0 Bit of Background So if you’re wondering why I was only in Tulum, Mexico for 8 hours, it’s because I spent 4 days on my first Carnival…

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    Soft Holiday Waves Tutorial

    Here’s a super quick tutorial for my soft holiday waves hairstyle. I’ve linked my video tutorial for you but if you’d rather read about it, just scroll down! Products used Silicon Mix Moroccan Argan Oil Lotta Body Love Me 5-n-1 Leave In Treatment MIZANI Therma Strength Heat Protecting Serum Homemade oil blend Disclaimer: My camera died about halfway through and I didn’t video how I got the waves themselves. HOWEVER, there’s plenty of pictures for you to see how I achieved the waves (hint: 2 jumbo flat twists). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuH4SPh6I_k&t=1shttps://youtu.be/Wi8GIFQJFDI Step 1 | Wash & Condition Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo. You’ll want to ensure all previous product is completely removed.…

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    Roots & Democracy 8: Brett Kavanaugh to Sit the SCOTUS?

    Inside: A Roots & Democracy take on the main points during the Ford/Kavanaugh testimonies to determine whether Brett Kavanugh should become the next Supreme Court Justice. The Supreme Court of the United States is literally the highest court in the land. What they say goes around here! To the benefit of the American people, this tribe of 9 stays out of the lime light. They aren’t supposed to show their political views because court decisions (at this level) are about what’s best for U.S. citizens, not political motives. Justice Anthony Kennedy (second row, second from the left) retired July 2018 Unfortunately for all of us today, the U.S. is more…

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