importance of girl's trips

Importance of Girls’ Trips

Growing up I didn’t consider myself to have too many girlfriends. I had my core ladies but I didn’t have sorority-sister-level contacts, which was no biggie. Fortunately, I still don’t (that’s a lot of weddings/baby showers etc. to attend, just sayin’). But what I learned from my first girls’ trip, I will take with me for the rest of my life. Here are the 6 reasons making time for girls trips are so vital to our sanity.

importance of girl's trips
The Ladies of Syd Day '18 (Miami, Florida)

 1. Girl Talk

I really think there are few jobs out there today that are considered “minimally stressful.” Everyone has a boss or a deadline or something along those lines. We spend 40+ hours a week at our day jobs thinking, living, and breathing nothing but work. That is, unless you’re in your dream job and lovin’ life, kudos to you!

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I come home from work, there’s still work to do. Whether that’s around the house or for social media, there’s always something. For these reasons, I really did not realize how deprived I was of girl talk. It could be about anything; fashion, tv shows, ice cream, sex, men, it really doesn’t matter. Yes, you can have these convos at home but there’s just something 10X better about girl talk in a foreign setting.

2. Body Acceptance

This one might not apply to everyone but if you don’t normally have a gaggle of friends that are constantly taking pictures of you, it’s kind of shocking when people catch a bad angle. Think about it, if you take a lot of selfies, you know where your good angles are. If you have a friend take a picture, it’ll probably take a couple shots to get a good one. Looking back on all the bad photos makes you aware of yourself. I know I definitely practice posing now lol.

3. Confidence

No one will gas you up more than a group of ladies on your birthday. And the confidence boost isn’t just targeted towards the birthday lady. If you travel with a good group, the good vibes just flow. Suddenly, I felt more confident–like we were the badddddest bitches in South Beach.

Not to mention when you go shopping! When I shop by myself, I shop boring. I like solid colors, black, and more black. When I shop with girlfriends, I buy all kinds of patterns. They give you the confidence boost to do (or wear) things you normally wouldn’t.

4. Sisterhood


This shit is so important. When a group of ladies goes out, you stand out. Why? Because you’re a group of fine-ass ladies. Daz it. It is so important to watch each other’s backs and take care of each other. Only travel with ladies that are watching each other’s drinks, watching any and all lurkers, watching for any fights, etc. This is not to say you can’t dance with whoever and enjoy yourself, just always be within eye view. And don’t let anyone corner you (lurkers are crazy these days). Everyone wants to go out and have a good time but it’s damn sure not worth it if you don’t go home safely.

5. The Turn Up

I’mma keep this short because not everyone needs to know the details but the turn up is real when on vacation with ladies. The turn up is real in the Air B&B/hotel/villa and then its real when you go out. Enjoy it. You’re so privileged to let go and be free like this, so take advantage. Get wild, let loose, but be safe.

importance of girl's trips
The Ladies at the Mondrian Hotel (Miami, Florida)

6. Lady Appreciation

I definitely gained a greater appreciation for having girlfriends after my trip. Having a group to cheer you on, tell you when your outfit is just not working, encourage you to do things you might not if your man was present… Those are things you don’t realize you appreciate until you’re on your flight home thinking “Damn. That was a good trip.”

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What’s your favorite memory from a girl’s trip? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, stay blessed & unstressed!

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