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I know what you’re thinking—this is a hair and travel blog. How’d we even get to food and wine? Well, before my days in the hair care world, I got a degree in foodservice management. Hospitality was my first passion and this section of my blog is a way to keep in tune with that side. If you want to know more about my history with food & wine and what you can expect from this section, keep reading!

food & wine with naturally_ie

Where Does Food & Wine Fit In??

With traveling!

When I think of how I want to describe the places I visit, I put a lot of effort into getting the details right. Food and wine is super important no matter where you go. So instead of cramming it into a section in each country/state/city related post, I’ll go a little deeper into each meal or drink in this section.

What Can I Expect?


  • Reviews
  • Recipes
  • Tutorials
  • Newsworthy Stuff


  • Basics of wine
  • Reviews (red & white)
  • Pairings (red & white)
  • Newsworthy Stuff

Spirits (Bonus!!)

  • Drink Recipes
  • Restaurant/Bar Reviews

Everything will be posted based on cuisine so the cultural journey!

food & wine with naturally_ie

My History with Food & Wine

Financial freedom has always been something I deeply valued. The minute I was legally allowed to work (15) I got a job at McDonald’s and worked there for 3 years. When I tell ya’ll I loved that job, I loved it. All the fast food I wanted, saw my best friends EVERY DAY, and I had stupid amounts of spending money because my only bill was my cell.

I was livin’ the dream.

A couple years later and I had to pick something to major in for college. Since I loved working around food and in that industry, why not move forward with it, right?

4 years later and I’ve got a Bachelor’s in Restaurant, Food & Beverage Management from Johnson & Wales (one the top hospitality schools in the country). And I did well there. In addition to the degree, I walked out of undergrad with 2 beverage certifications. The first being a Certified Specialist of Spirits from the Wine & Spirits Educational Trust (WSET) and the second being a Certified Specialist of Wine from the Society of Wine Educators.

This was my sh*t.

Within a few months of graduation I was offered a management position at Buffalo Wild Wings. Soon after I received my master’s degree and finally to my previous position as a foodservice supervisor in health care.

To be honest, I was totally burnt out from foodservice after Buffalo Wild Wings. But I continued with it down a different path and I wouldn’t change that.

Now I can enjoy my love for perfectly paired dishes and wine to enter my life again—as an art, not for business.

On the flip side, I’m so out of touch, I will definitely be cracking open some of my old textbooks because the study of oenology (wine) is no f*cking joke. But I’m ready to share the info I have so why the hell not?

Final Thoughts

Food & wine has always been a large part of my life. From my past service in a foodservice career to being a passion in my blogger life, food & wine have always been good to me. I hope this brief post has orientated you to this piece of naturally_ie. Without anymore delay, on to the goods!

Until next time, stay blessed and unstressed!

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