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I Promise School Throwing Shade on Other Successful Minorities?

Every now and again it’s so important to highlight the good news happening in the world. The world isn’t a completely dark and evil place, after all. So today we’re getting into the finer points of  LeBron James’ I Promise School and whether this should have already happened or was it right on time?

Let’s get into it!

i promise school

The James Family Foundation

Okay first off, if you go to the LeBron James Family Foundation website, you’ll see so many amazing things going on. The website is fun, colorful, and definitely geared towards families with young kinds.

Without getting too deep into it, the mission of the foundation is to:

Positivity affect the lives of children and young adults through education and co-curricular educational initiatives. We believe that an education and living an active, healthy lifestyle is pivotal to the development of children and young adults.

This amazing family is spending their hard earned coins and directly giving it back to the community in which LeBron came out of. And not just chump change. Real fucking money, ya’ll.

Let us not forget the $41 mil King James donated in order for 1,100 students to attend university back in 2015.

Now, he’s building a whole school and providing a path for students and parents to get ahead.

Benefits of the I Promise School

We all know the name of the school. But what exactly are the students promising to do?

  • To go to school
  • To do all of my homework
  • To listen to my teachers because they will help me learn
  • To ask questions and find answers
  • To never give up, no matter what
  • To always try my best
  • To be helpful and respectful to others
  • To live a healthy life by eating right and being active
  • To make good choices for myself
  • To have fun

Okay, and what are they getting in return?

  • Free tuition
  • Free uniforms
  • Free bicycle and helmet
  • Free transportation within 2 miles
  • Free breakfast, lunch, and snacks
  • Food pantry for families
  • GEDs and job placement services for parents
  • Guaranteed tuition to the University of Akron for every student who graduates
  • Extended school days and school year

TBH, that’s wayyyy more than any public school I ever attended–and I went to bougie upper-middle class white schools my whole life.

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The I Promise School is literally setting kids (and parents) up for success. It gives the kids an opportunity to really just be kids. It gives the parents peace of mind knowing their kids are actually in school, learning, being fed, being cared for, and the kids can actually get a guaranteed spot in a university as long as all the work is completed. That’s what I call being set up for success.

Let us not forget the parents that oftentimes work 2 or 3 jobs to put food on the table. For LeBron to go out of his way to make sure the parents are taken care of as well is definitely a big deal.

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When we’re raised with privilege, we oftentimes see opportunity and forget other people have to work twice as hard (or more) to get where we are simply because they weren’t born into privilege. So really and truly, this school levels the playing field just a little bit. And that’s dope AF.

I promise school

Community Response

Well this is a little obvious. The majority of people support each and every effort made by the James Family Foundation. Overall, everyone from fans to fellow athletes to political commentators to grandmas love what is happening in Akron, Ohio. Social Media blew up in the wake of this massive announcement because people were just so proud to be alive in this moment.

Then we have the haters, aka the Trumps of the world who just can’t believe a black person could earn so much money and then have the nerve to invest it back in the black community.

I mean, Trump never said that, but he definitely said it.

“Elite” Community Response

Now when I say “elite” I mean those that live well enough to make us cringe when we find out how much they earn each year. I’m talking specifically about the Diddy’s, Jay-Z’s, Spike Lee’s of the world. The people of color who have built themselves up from nothing and created, literal, empires in the white man’s world. I’m talking about the people that have the money, power, and influence to make a change on a global scale.

I don’t know about anyone else but maybe I missed the Spike Lee School of Film? Where that at, though?

Or the Jay-Z School for Underprivileged Youth in Urban Settings?

Now I know Diddy opened a charter school in Harlem in 2016 but I don’t remember there being any additional benefits like free college education upon graduation at the I Promise School.

I mean, I’m jus’ askin’ for a friend because I don’t recall any of these major artists doing anything to this magnitude.

But who the fuck am I? I don’t know anyone’s personal life or finances. I don’t know if maybe these artists have tried but been denied by some political BS.

I don’t know shit.

What I do know is errbody and they mother needs to do better.

If you just came off a major world tour (cough Jay & Bey) ya’ll need to invest some of that cash back into colored communities. Pay some student debt for us, please?? We out here drownin’!

The cost of concert tickets today is outrageous (I paid $280 for the Lemonade Tour + $45 t-shirt) and I know the Carter children are well taken care of, so why haven’t the Carters given back?

I can’t and won’t speak for the Carters, Mr. Combs or Mr. Lee. All I can do is ask them

What Have You Done Lately?

i promise school

Final Thoughts

The LeBron James I Promise School in Akron, Ohio is truly a fine example of someone doing something amazing with the money they have earned. The responsibility to help those in underserved, underprivileged communities is that of those who can afford to. So does the school throw shade on other successful minorities? Yeah, I definitely think it throws a bit. I mean, Akon brought electricity to Africa, I’m just sayin’!

What do you think? Was shade (inadvertently) thrown to other successful minorities? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

Until next time, stay blessed & unstressed!

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